Client: Commonwealth Care Alliance

What we did: Positioning, message strategy, creative, media, collateral

Supporting a brand, and the most vulnerable

Commonwealth Care Alliance (CCA) is a mission-driven healthcare organization designed for people with complex needs. When it introduced a new dual-eligible program as part of the state’s integrated care organization (ICO) demonstration, CCA came to us to help increase awareness and drive enrollment.

We redesigned the organization’s corporate logo and brought CCA’s unique brand promise to life through the tagline, “Healthy is harder for some. That’s why we’re here.” The integrated campaign used arresting words and images of real people, illustrating CCA’s deep understanding ​of its audience, as well as its unique approach to delivering integrated healthcare to improve members’ quality of life. Media included broad-reach TV, transit, print, and radio, as well as a WBUR sponsorship that featured testimonials by the CEO and president of CCA.​

As a result of the campaign, CCA established a clear and unique position among its competitors, and initial enrollment in the ICO program exceeded goals by more than 50%.​ CCA was also able to attract new providers to their network and increase their employee base across the state.​

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