Client: Benchmark Senior Living

What we did: Positioning, message strategy, identity system, creative, media, recruitment, internal launch

Making an emotional connection

In an increasingly competitive market, Benchmark Senior Living needed to re-examine its brand and connect more than 50 geographically dispersed communities to a shared purpose—supporting not just resident acquisition, but also employee retention and recruitment. To deliver a true “Benchmark experience,” igniting brand pride for Benchmark’s 6,000+ employees was critical to their success.

We conducted internal roundtables and leveraged research to uncover and articulate the organization’s purpose: Benchmark transforms lives through human connection—meeting people where they are and connecting them to what matters most to them. This insight drove our brand development, from strategy to a new identity system to internal and external communications. The corporate logo combines graphics that connote both human connection and setting a benchmark, while our brand look and feel uses overlapping circles to represent connections.

The internal launch included the development of an inspiring brand essence video, brand book, FAQ, and branded giveaways. For external communications, we created an evocative print campaign showcasing stories of connection and a TV spot that could be customized for different communities. And last but definitely not least, we developed an engaging recruitment campaign that brings to life Benchmark’s unique culture of caring.

The brand campaign re-ignited a sense of pride for Benchmark employees across states and attracted potential residents to a new way of living that’s all about connecting.

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