Client: Akoya Biosciences

What we did: Message strategy, creative concept, thought leadership content, digital advertising, video

Giving context to a new area in bioscience

Akoya Biosciences offers imaging solutions that help molecular biologists better understand what’s going on inside the cell, the tissue, and ultimately, the patient. New to the scene, Akoya not only wanted to make itself known, but also wanted to own and promote a new term to describe its advantage: “spatial phenotyping.” We dove in and got to work.

We began with message strategy that resulted in the positioning line, “Context matters.” This works on multiple levels, as Akoya’s solutions and brand of science—spatial phenotyping—give context to how cells interact across an entire tissue sample. And this context can help scientists and clinicians better predict disease progression and response to therapy.

We brought “Context matters” to life through a creative concept and digital advertising. We then developed thought leadership content to further explain spatial phenotyping and how it can advance scientific and clinical knowledge. Our strategy worked, increasing organic brand searches and web visits and generating hundreds of qualified leads—proving that in both bioscience and marketing, a little bit of context can go a long way.

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