Client: Quest Diagnostics

What we did: Copy, design, creative concept, digital advertising, internal engagement

Fulfilling a brand promise, inside and out

Quest Diagnostics had completed a major brand revitalization, and its team turned to us to help activate it both internally and externally. The brand’s new promise? Knowing is power—for clinicians, who can take action on behalf of their patients, and for patients, who can take charge of their health.

We began by redesigning the company’s internal magazine, OurQuest, to reflect the new look and feel. With a readership of over 45,000 employees, it inspired, informed, and even earned an award (the 2016 Gold Lamplighter Award).

We also created “I am the brand” kits for Quest’s frontline teams to help them understand how critical they were to fulfilling the new brand promise.

Since the brand was refreshed in the wake of the Affordable Care Act, we used the timing as an opportunity to promote the benefits of preventive testing. Using digital advertising and a paid search campaign, we targeted newly enrolled health plan members, demonstrating how they could take greater control over their health. The result? A brand promise fulfilled. 

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