Client: Aspen Dental

What we did: Positioning, creative concept, digital advertising, media planning and optimization, analytics and reporting

Inspiring dentists to join the mission

As the nation’s fastest growing network of dental practices, Aspen Dental needed to attract and hire enough qualified dentists to keep up with its rapid growth. However, doing so required overcoming a number of challenges: negative perceptions about dental support organizations, increased competition for a shrinking pool of dentists, and filling positions in underserved, unglamorous areas of the country.

Aspen Dental’s established brand purpose, “Simply easier,” translated into an employer value proposition that positioned Aspen Dental as the organization that makes it easier to have the career you always dreamed of. Featuring real dentists who demonstrated how their aspirations became a reality at Aspen Dental, our campaign reconnected people emotionally to their childhood and their dreams of achieving great things in life.

In the first two years, our digital lead acquisition and nurture programs shifted perceptions and drove high-quality candidates from awareness to conversion. We deployed attribution modeling to sharpen both our media planning and re-targeting efforts. And the results put a smile on a lot of faces.

We also developed the Best Grad Gift Ever, targeting recent dental school graduates with a chance to win a Ford Mustang by joining Aspen Dental. On the day of the event announcing the contest, we created buzz at local dental schools and the Yankee Dental Tradeshow. Tactics included a virtual reality tour of an Aspen practice, branded pedicab rides, and a walking man burdened by the world’s biggest backpack, highlighting student debt and Aspen’s loan reimbursement program. The campaign drove over 100 additional dentists to Aspen Dental, turbocharging hiring by delivering a third of its annual goal with our promotion alone. 


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