Client: Massachusetts Gaming Commission

What we did: Message strategy, copy, design, print, website

Building a campaign that works

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission oversees the largest private construction projects in the state. It joined forces with the Northeast Center for Tradeswomen’s Equity (NCTE) to increase the percentage of women in the building trades from 5% to 20% in three years. An ambitious goal, for sure, but we were up for the challenge.

We knew construction was not a top-of-mind career for most women. Yet many women work in other physically demanding jobs that offer less income, benefits, and work/life balance. So we needed to highlight the many perks of a career in construction. We did so with a creative platform—Build a Life That Works—that features real women in the building trades who now enjoy home ownership, more family time, and other fulfilling life experiences made possible by their careers.

We rolled out the campaign with advertising, grassroots events, and brochures for career centers and vocational schools. All campaign components drove prospects to an engaging website where they could learn more about the building trades, read stories about the lives of women in the industry, and connect with an NCTE representative to start building a life that works for them.

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