Client: Cambridge College

What we did: Naming, identity, digital advertising, media planning, media optimization 

Betting on a winning recruitment strategy

Working in a public-private partnership with Encore Boston Harbor, Cambridge College created Boston’s first casino dealer school to produce qualified dealers for Encore’s grand opening later that year. We were tasked with helping them drive enrollment. With just six weeks until the first semester was due to begin, we got busy.

Step one? Creating a new name for the program. The existing name was Greater Boston Gaming Career Institute. Descriptive, yes, but not easy to remember. So we challenged ourselves to come up with something shorter and catchier, landing on “Bet on U.” We followed this up with a new brand and brought it to life across a variety of tactics, including a digital campaign.




programmatic clicks




in 4 weeks

Since this was the first program of its kind, there was no established audience. That meant we had to create one based on behaviors, then follow audience members wherever they went online and hit them with tailored messages. The results were winning: we created so much demand we had to fold our cards early. And because all classes were full through the second semester, there was no need to run additional advertising. A win-win-win.

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