Client: MassDevelopment

What we did: Naming, logo, creative concept, environmental, video, digital advertising, media planning

Amping up students for advanced manufacturing careers

Advanced manufacturing offers the skilled, high-paying jobs of the future. However, a lack of awareness for these lucrative and fulfilling careers has resulted in a shortage of qualified employees—a major pain point for companies. Our client, MassDevelopment, came to us with a challenge: how do we get high-school kids interested in advanced manufacturing?

We began by coming up with a catchy name, AMP it up! Then we created our own challenge: invite high-school students across the state to research an advanced manufacturing product or innovation and bring it to life in a three-minute video. The best video would win a $5,000 grant for their school. 

The beauty of the Amp it up! Challenge is that it made the most of very limited public funds. Our strategy to get kids involved in creating, producing, and sharing their own video content enabled MassDevelopment to save significant media dollars (about $100k to $150k). Hundreds of thousands of students and teachers across the state viewed the videos on various social media channels. 


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