Client: MassDevelopment

What we did: Message strategy, identity, copy, creative concept, digital advertising

A mission—and rebrand—to feel proud of

An economic powerhouse with an important mission, MassDevelopment underwent its first agency-wide corporate rebranding initiative in 20 years. We helped, creating a new logo, fresh look, and bold storytelling platform that conveys the power of MassDevelopment’s impact: “In every community, we see opportunity.”

The new logo is modern and vibrant, reflecting transformation, while the imagery we chose features real communities that are thriving with MassDevelopment’s help. Through digital campaigns, we demonstrated how MassDevelopment creates a wave of economic prosperity. For example, financing to help a manufacturer expand its operations creates jobs, and those new employees support shops, restaurants, and housing. A single loan or grant has a ripple effect that can be felt across an entire community.

When the rebrand launched, its first audience was the toughest: the MassDevelopment team. A talented, visionary group of community leaders, the team worked tirelessly to move the new brand forward. And they couldn’t have been prouder of the results.

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