Client: Cambridge Health Alliance

What we did: Positioning, creative concept, copy, digital advertising, internal engagement

A brand that cares feels the pride

Cambridge Health Alliance (CHA) has historically provided great care for the most vulnerable patients. But when it needed to appeal to the younger, gentrified population moving into its neighborhoods, the health system turned to us. We got digging.

Roundtables, workshops, and research shaped our strategy, which led to the creation of a powerful tagline: “Care to the people.” Serving as a rallying cry, the tagline and brand narrative resonated deeply with employees, igniting brand pride in a major way. To bring the new positioning to life, we used a distinctive illustration style, inspired by the public murals that reflect the rich diversity of CHA’s surrounding communities.

With more employee pride on display than ever before, the internal launch was a smashing success, creating rich content for CHA’s social channels for months to come. Externally, the brand awareness campaign was so effective that, over the course of just four months, it produced the kind of metrics typically seen in an acquisition campaign. Care to the people, indeed.




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